Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Cody's parents were out of town over her birthday and the next week.  Then, we went to Kansas to visit my grandpa.  So we hadn't gotten to see them or celebrate with them.  We went to their house for the 4th of July and also celebrated Harper's birthday and Buddy's Father's Day.  Harper got a set of real golf clubs and I'm pretty sure all the adults were more excited than she was.  I'm sure she will love them in the future, especially when it's something special that she gets to do with Cody.  We told Buddy Happy Father's Day and got him a new Yeti cup.  He's pretty much good with anything.  A little while later, Dorothy and Tom came over for dinner and brought Harper a birthday present as well.  She loved it.  It came with a birthday card that sang and had a fake lit candle.  Plus, some fun trinkets, glow wands, 4th of July headbands, etc.  She loved it.  They are so good to her!

We took some family pictures, we don't have all that many as a family of 4.  My sweet girls, I love them so.  It's a great holiday to celebrate and we love just relaxing and spending time with family.  Dorothy got to spend time with Paige finally, as well as Scott and Susan Cullen.  I don't know if we had seen them since my first baby shower with Harper.  Poor Paige didn't get a good nap that evening and she was pretty miserable.  Plus, we kept her out late and she was just done.  Thankfully most of the people there don't mind!

We brought the last little bit of our fireworks for Harper to do.  She did some smoke bombs and some sparklers.  She wasn't afraid this year at all, but she still didn't like the loud ones.  After dinner, Serena brought out a cake for Harper since we were technically celebrating her birthday.  She loved it, chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  She is always going to go for the chocolate first!  We left around 8 for bed and just sat out back and watched the fireworks in the distance.  It was a great holiday!

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