Sunday, August 16, 2015

Swim Lessons Take 2

Harper did swim lessons a second time at the beginning of July.  We went ahead and did two sessions because she missed swim lessons last year.  Plus, she just didn't really know how to do anything.  So we hoped two sessions would help.  Plus, all her friends were doing this week, so we got to hang out with Haddocks, Spiegels, Piazzas, and Pillows every day.  That was definitely nice for us moms to have people to chat with.  Plus, all our kids get along so well that they had a blast swimming together.  Harper did much better this round.  She wasn't scared to jump in or splash around.  She was definitely better about putting her face in the water.  And she felt like she was in charge since she had been in the other class first and knew exactly what to do.  She enjoyed it.  She loved having Ms. Dori again as well as Miss Ariel.  This time around she did so much better!  She jumped in and swam around.  She went under.  She put her face in.  She climbed back and forth on the wall.  She went down the slide on the very last day.  And she jumped off the diving board twice.  She loved it.  Plus, since Alex Pillow was in the class and quite a bit more advanced, Dori had them all doing a bit more this time.  So she was swimming with pool noodles and kicking across the pool.  I definitely felt like this time was much more beneficial.  She had a blast.  

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