Tuesday, August 18, 2015


We have been wanting and promising to visit Nikki in Midland for awhile now.  But then pregnancy, holidays, Paige, school, and summer youth stuff.  We never were able to make it work.  She called at the beginning of July and wanted us to come visit.  Todd was going on the youth mission trip for their church and she wanted some visitors.  It was especially exciting to visit because they had just gotten the boys.  Michael and Caleb, 2 1/2 and 1.  They were adopting them and had gotten the boys in March.  It was the best blessing God had given them because these boys are the sweetest, most precious boys.  We got to spend three days just hanging out and catching up and getting to know each others family.  Two mamas, 4 babies, 2 dogs, 3 days. 

We drove up Sunday after church so Paige could nap.  Sadly, she didn't really sleep but she was so quiet and good the whole time that it didn't matter.  We got there just in time for dinner and bedtime.  Sadly, Paige didn't sleep well while we were there.  She woke up a lot and just talked and I was afraid of her waking Harper (we were all in the same room).  So I got up every single time to put her paci back in.  I didn't sleep well the whole time and was exhausted.  The next day, we just hung out and played outside and swam in the kiddie pool.  The kids were all getting along and intrigued by baby Paige.  We had dinner and bed and she and I just sat up and chatted for awhile.  No matter how much time passes, we always just pick right back up.  It's always easy with us.  The third day we decided to go to the park and then play at home again.  Then, after dinner, we got some frozen yogurt and the kids loved it.  We left the morning of the fourth day, in time to get through the metroplex before rush hour traffic.  Thankfully, the drive was smooth and we made it right on time.  I wasn't sure how Paige would do since it was too early for her nap, but she just ended up sleeping her long nap a few hours early.  She slept 4 of the 6 hours home, which was awesome!  I alternated between music and podcasts during the drive while Harper played with toys, colored, and watched a movie.   

We had a great time and I am so in love with those Gatlin brothers.  Love my sweet friend who is also the best mom!  Until next time...

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