Saturday, August 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Harper! (Part 1)

Harper wanted an Elsa birthday party again this year but I said no.  So she asked for Anna.  I then had to clarify that we were not going to do Frozen.  She agreed to a rainbow party, which has no real theme, just cute decorations.  After I spent a few weeks getting ideas and such, she changed her mind.  She decided a Sheriff Callie party would be fun, and I figured I could just do a cowgirl party just as easily.  So we went with that.  A few weeks before her party, Cody got a new smoker so he made smoked pulled pork and all the bbq fixings.  It was so good!  Cody did a fabulous job on all of it and it was wonderful!  We didn't have as much going on at home this time, so it was a lot less stress and we were able to get everything done in time.  We didn't have many decorations, just her annual Happy Birthday banner she has always had.  Her party was on June 20th this year, which was Father's Day weekend like last year.  It was the only weekend in June that we could have it because we were in school late this year and Ellie was due the week after.  So we decided to make it a big family weekend and the boys came in.  We had Harper's party Saturday, Father's Day Sunday, and Ellie was born on Monday.  

We made the water wall, the photo opps, plus we had the slip and slide, the pool, the trampoline, the playset, bean bags, jingo, and bubbles.  I hoped it would be enough to keep everyone entertained because it's not easy to have an outside party in the middle of the summer.  I did make party favors this year because I saw this adorable stick horses on pinterest.  I was able to make them for about $2 each, which was super cheap and fun.  It ended up being way more work but they turned out cute and were a great addition to the party.  

We have the best friends and family.  They are always so good about supporting us and loving our family.  All of our family were there (except the Hempkins who were on trip) and our best friends.  Our bible study group was mostly out of town but our dance group was there.  We had a great time!  It was so wonderful when my brothers showed up.  I love getting to see them, because I know they are so busy with work at home.  And it was a great weekend because it wasn't a big holiday that required a ton of dressing up or food prep or going here and there.  It was just a great weekend to spend together.  They boys ended up going to the casino that night and came back to our house to spend the night.  It was fun to see them for such a long weekend.  Harper had a blast with her friends and I enjoyed chatting with all their moms.  I love our friends!  Paige was a little rough that day.  She isn't one to enjoy big groups or loudness or the outside for that matter.  So she stayed inside mostly or was kind of upset.  It was Dane's first time to meet her and Eric's second which I was thankful for.  They are good uncles!

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