Thursday, April 28, 2016

Uncle E is in town!

Eric came in town during the middle of February for about a week.  They closed Short Bus Subs just before Christmas and then he went to Vietnam for 3 weeks in January.  He came to visit after he got back...we missed him! He came up to visit and helped me get ready for Paige's first birthday party.  We got to look through his pictures which were beautiful.  They (he and Erin) biked, hiked, cruised, and shopped.  We had Paige's party Saturday morning and then went to Frisco to celebrate Kristen and Paige's birthdays Saturday evening.  Then, since Eric was still in town, we went to visit him one day the next week.  We had lunch, napped at Kristen's and then played at the park all afternoon.  It was fun to relax and just talk all day.  We never get a chance to do that.

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