Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tattoos and Cuteness

Harper got a set of Frozen tattoos for Christmas that I never let her use.  One day as I was cleaning her room and about to throw them away, she begged to use them.  Well, I decided to be a yes mom and go all the way.  So that night we used as many tattoos as we could fit on her body.  She got 5 necklaces, 3 bracelets on each arm, tattoos up the arm, rings on each finger, rings on each toe, ankle bracelets and earrings.  This girl was covered.  She loved every single one!  I thought we didn't have anything important that week so I figured it wouldn't matter and they would quickly wash off in the bath.  Nope.  We had her Stingerette performance on Tuesday and nothing had come off.  So I scrubbed the ones off her arms and covered her legs with pants so at least she didn't look crazy.  Fast forward a few weeks and they still weren't coming off.  Every few days I would scrub one or two off, but it was rough.  Her skin ended up raw and she cried.  Lesson learned, no more tattoos.

I don't remember the reason for these pictures other than she is just so cute!  Her pigtails and her smile and this oversized comfy sweatshirt make my heart happy!  I love how she is happy almost all the time!

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