Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy Easter!

Easter morning we went to church and celebrated Jesus.  Our church had decorated with chalk drawings everywhere.  Stephney had helped and they were awesome.  I love that this day is all about Jesus and how we are saved by grace, through faith in his death and resurrection.  How glorious!  And what a good God we have!  To want us enough to send us His Son.  Sometimes God's goodness astounds me.  

The girls looked so cute in their Easter dresses.  I love when they match and thankfully so do they.  It was cold that morning so we ended up in tights and tanktops, but that's Texas weather for you.  After church, we headed to my Aunt Lissa's for lunch with the Shattuck family.  It was good to see everyone.  Most of us were there, minus the boys and Brian who live too far away.  We did a 2nd cousins picture and easter egg hunt.  Paige loved to get an egg and then stop to open it.  Or she would get an egg and then drop it back on the ground when she found another one.  Harper ran like crazy and got a good number of eggs and then hung out with Paige to help her.  It was good to see my cousins and catch up.  After lunch, we headed home at naptime.  Paige was exhausted so she slept the whole way.  We went the Hempkins' for dinner and another egg hunt.  

It was a great day and I know that egg hunt or not, Harper knows what a huge deal Easter is.  And that's what truly matters.  I'm so incredibly thankful for a God that picked me out of the ashes and saved my soul for eternity.  Oh what a Savior!

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