Thursday, April 28, 2016

Friends and Food

We had dinner at the Pillow's because Brad smoked a brisket.  It was so yummy!  Love our supper clubs because all the kids play and run crazy and the parents get to talk and relax.  The kids did play outside for awhile and the dads had to watch them.  They didn't do a stellar job because we watched the kids get covered in sand (which they aren't allowed to do) and Presley fell off the playset.  But everyone was fine and it was a good time!

We also had dinner at Piazza's because Joe smoked some ribs.  They were also seriously good.  And it was a beautiful day outside so we relaxed outside in the sun and the kids played.  Alex is the sweetest boy and he just played with Paige as long as she would let him.  They jumped and dressed up and ran around.

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