Friday, April 1, 2016

Jump N Land

Right after spring break, the Frank Buck Zoo was having a birthday celebration with cheap tickets and a party.  So we all decided to go down for the day.  And of course we told the kids, so when it was storming that morning, they were seriously disappointed.  We decided we had to take them somewhere, so we headed to Jump 'n' Land at the mall.  We met the Haddock's, Towery's, and Petty's there as well.  The girls loved it.  They kept running back and forth between the bounce houses and the big jungle gym.  Paige loved little kids play area but would only jump on the bounce house if Harper was in there with her.  She liked the jungle gym and the ball pit, but definitely didn't like going down the slide with me.  It was pretty dark in the tunnel slides.  The girls ran wild all morning and then we finally headed home at nap time.  Since we had already paid for the day, we went back after nap with Cody and let them play for a little longer.  It was definitely fun and Harper already wants to go back.  

*When we got to the mall, the traveling carnival was set up in the parking lot and she was super excited for about 1 minute when she thought she was getting to go there.  But I burst her bubble when I explained that we weren't, and probably wouldn't ever.  Haha!

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