Thursday, April 28, 2016

Paint, Playdoh, and the Flu

Harper woke up and said her stomach hurt on a Wednesday morning before BSF.  But then she would play and act fine, so we went ahead and went to church.  She did the same thing that afternoon, cry her stomach hurt, but then feel better.  Thursday morning at about 2am she ended up throwing up in her bed, so it was a stomach virus all along.  We stayed home Thursday for the first time in months.  We played in the playroom, watched some cartoons, and did some crafts.  It was Paige's first time to paint.  I had no idea how she would do, but she did great for a 1 year old.  Sadly, they tired of it quickly, so we moved on to playdoh.  That was fun too except that Paige just got it everywhere and tried to eat it.  So eventually we just watched a movie and called it a day.  She seemed fine all day Thursday, never threw up again, so I figured she was fine. She ate dinner that night and said she felt all better.  However, another 2am throw up proved otherwise.  So we had to cancel all our Friday plans - doctor, gym, playdate and meeting with BSF.  We stayed home and she seemed truly sick that morning.  But after resting awhile, she was back to her normal self that afternoon.  As sad as it was that she was sick, it was great for us to be home for a few days and just rest together.

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