Friday, April 1, 2016

Climbing Climbing Climbing

This little girl is not a baby anymore.  She is constantly climbing up, over, or on top of anything she can find.  She wants to be a big girl so bad!  She will sit and watch the big girls run and play and it makes her laugh so hard.  She learned to crawl up in chairs which she loves.  But she crawls up and has to somehow turn herself around and get her legs out from under her.  It was kinda hard but now she has the hang of it.  She also likes to crawl up chairs and then stand on them and shriek and clap.  At home, she climbs on chairs to climb on the table.  As terrifying as it is to watch, she is actually getting good at it.  When she wants down, she sits down and rolls over onto her tummy and slides off.  And thankfully Harper is always there to help.  We have been able to play outside lately and she loves it.  She loves to climb up the steps and through the tunnels at the park.  And she loves to walk on our play set at home and slide down the slide.  The only problem is that she wants to walk back up the slide like her big sister.  So she stands at the bottom and cries and begs for help getting up to the top.  

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