Thursday, April 28, 2016

March Madness

We met Piazzas at 903 Brewers one Saturday afternoon after naptime.  They had just gotten done with soccer and it was Beer and Girl Scout Cookie day.  It was fun to sit and relax while the kids ran around.  

Teaching Harper to ride a bike without training wheels.  Spiegels gave us an old bike so we have been trying to teach Harper to ride.  It was too difficult on the grass but she was afraid of falling on the road.  She rides pretty good, but if you let go she just stops. 

Paige is getting more accostomed to the dogs.  She loves them - she is always watching them or talking to them.  But she is scared of them and Dixie pretty much plows into her all the time.  Every now and then, they lay down and she finally gets to just hang out with them without getting knocked over.

Harper's allergy shots are every other Friday.  This month we tried to get them in her legs instead of arms since there is more fatty tissue.  However, both times, her legs have swelled up pretty quickly.  She gets a knot about the size of my fist at the injection site and by the end of the day, she is limping because of pain.  The shots are doing better but it is still sad for her.

Snack one afternoon got really good with the addition of Nutella and whipped cream.  These two were in love.  Graham crackers are one of their favorites anyways, so it was like heaven on earth. 

These two have a new favorite activity - running naked after bathtime.  Paige truly screams to get out of the tube but gets giddy as soon as she can take off running.  Both girls chase Cody and beg him to chase them back.  And somehow naked is the only way to go.  Paige will cry if you put her pj's on before she gets to run.  This has also led to some pee on the floor, but they have so much fun it's worth it.

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