Thursday, April 28, 2016

Best Saturday Ever

We had a weekend with no major plans.  So we decided to do some stuff we had been needing to for awhile and make it a fun day.  We went and got donuts that morning for breakfast.  I had been craving donuts for a few weeks and we are all suckers for them.  After that we went to the Texas border and took bluebonnet pictures at the information center.  It took us a few weekends because of all the rain.  After that, Cody went home and mowed the yard and the girls and I ran errands and shopped in Sherman.  We came home and took naps and Paige slept for 2 1/2 hours.  Then, Harper and Cody got to have a daddy-daughter date night.  They went to Academy and walked around, had dinner at Taco Cabana, and went to the Scott Middle School production of The Lion King.  They had a blast and enjoyed some quality time together. Paige and I went for a jog outside, which she loves to ride in her stroller, and then we went and bought groceries at Walmart.  It was actually a really nice day for us!

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