Friday, April 1, 2016

Paige is 12 months!

Paige is 12 months old!  I just can't believe it.  It's been the longest year and the quickest year ever.  It was so hard learning to juggle 2 children.  But it was amazing watching Paige grow because she is the most happy fun baby ever.  

She weighs 21 pounds and is 29.25 inches long and her head is 18 inches in diameter.  She is about 75% for weight and 50% for height.  She is still chubby from the few months where she bottles and food.  She has this amazing belly that just protrudes.  It sticks out a good couple of inches, especially after eating.  She still has some rolls around her legs and arms and we love her for them.  She is in 12 month stuff but can wear some 18 month and it fits her around but is long.  She can't wear any regular shirts because her belly pokes out every time.  She is in size 2 shoes and doesn't seem to mind them much.  She has a pair of size 3 shoes that she can also wear because her socks make her chubby feet too big.  At least she isn't as bad as Harper's Extra Wide foot.  

Her hair is long enough for some tiny pigtails and it is seriously the cutest.  It's not long enough in back to look like a mullet, but it's getting there.  She has 5 teeth.   Her 5th one popped through just before her birthday.  And her top two teeth are almost the same size so she doesn't look like a snaggle tooth anymore.  She doesn't teeth well so it was a rough week.  She has added barking to her repertoire and she is getting better at almost being able to copy most words/sounds we say.  

She loves watching the dogs through the window or from our lap.  But she doesn't like it when they get close.  She is still scared of them.  She likes to play outside, walking in the grass, swinging, playing on the playset, or crawling on the trampoline.  She likes to climb or jump on couches, chairs, or anything fun like that.  She loves pulling book after book off the bookshelf.  She loves babies and any toy that rattles.  She doesn't last more than 5-10 minutes, but if she is in a bad mood, watching TV helps distract her.  She usually naps about 2 hours, but on days when she only naps an hour she is almost inconsolable for awhile.  

She is still a mama's girl but a few weeks ago, she started not being terrified of everyone else.  She will go to people she recognizes which is nice.  She will always go to Lorna who she probably thinks is her second mom.  The one person she is horrified of is Dr. Lipscomb.  She has seen him 4 times in the last month and she does not like it!  She's gotten used to my family too which makes family dinners easier and more fun.  She still loves Harper, these two are absolutely best friends.  They play together in the play room and chase each other around the living room.  They spend so much time together and they love every minute of it.  They both love to find each other when they wake up and I know they miss each other when they are apart.  Sounds a bit much but I love how much they love each other.

She loves to scrunch her nose, it's her best face.  Usually it's when she is sad or mad, but sometimes when she is just being funny and ornery.  She learned to say "all done" by waving her hands.  And she learned to say "more" by clapping her hands.  She likes to do her indian war cry where she pops her mouth with the back of her wrist.  It's pretty funny.  She has totally become a drama queen.  If she falls at all, even when she's not hurt, she cries.  If someone takes her toy or won't give her something she wants, she screams.  If something doesn't go her way, she let's you know.  If she thinks somethign bad is happening, or someone is hurting someone, or someone is mad, she will cry and cry.  If you leave her in a room alone, she wails.  This girl has no problem telling us what's up.  But, she is also such a happy baby.  She will laugh at anything and smile at anybody.  She loves to laugh with others, even if she doesn't know why.  She just likes to be with other people, especially happy people.

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