Saturday, January 3, 2015


For Thanksgiving this year, the boys didn't come up, since they had just come for Papa Bob's birthday. So we decided to do in-laws this year and not do the Shattuck family.  Since both in-laws wanted to do dinner, we decided to do a quick lunch at my parents in Argyle first.  We got over there and the kids all just played around with everyone.  They love just running crazy for awhile.  Harper got her hair braided.  Reese and Grayson rode the wagon around for awhile.  The adults just sat around and talked and it was a great day.  We eventually sat down and ate and had tons of food.  Way more than we needed.  But it was all really good.  

After lunch, Kristi and my Dad set up the kids with decorating chocolate dipped pretzels.  They had a blast.  Harper covered every inch of hers with sprinkles.  Reese ate just as many as she made, and even more chocolate.  And Grayson was definitely the cleanest (he always is).

Later on, they each got to open their annual Thanksgiving/Christmas present of new, matching Christmas pajamas.  Grayson loved his because they had deer on them, and Reese and Harper's had penguins.  And as usual, we couldn't get a single picture of all three smiling at the camera nicely.  They also each got a sticker book where you could dress people up and give them faces.  I didn't realize it, but Harper absolutely loved it and spent hours and days with this sticker book.  It has become one of her new favorite things to do.  

Just before we left, my parents and sisters took the kids and dogs on a walk.  It was nice because no one really asked us to go, so we just stayed put and got to enjoy about 30 minutes of quiet.  Kristen and I even got to get on the same page about Christmas and presents, which we have been trying to do for weeks.  

In all, it was such a nice Thanksgiving.  Afterwards, we headed to the Hempkins' to have dinner with them and Stacy's family.  It was a great night too, I just never seem to take as many pictures over there (or Kristen just isn't there to take pictures for me).  

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