Friday, December 19, 2014

November Update

November was good.  It got cold a few times, which we weren't ready for.  But Harper was excited because she's been waiting for it to turn to "winter day."  It even snowed, though it wasn't enough to stick for more than a morning.  We even got the dogs some straw so they would stay warm in their dog house.  They actually love the straw and Dixie digs through it and plays around in it.  They are such crazy, funny dogs.

Harper has done great in preschool lately.  She has learned about half her alphabet sounds, about 10 sight words, and all about holidays and nursery rhymes and the community.  She loves preschool. She loves cutting, gluing, and watching youtube when she doesn't understand the concept of something.  She loves typing on my computer, which I don't let her do often, but she still always begs for.  She likes changing the color and typing her name and any other words she knows.  She is such a smart girl.  I'm always so impressed by what she knows and does.  

Her dance is going well.  The best part is that Tessa joined her class and she loves getting to see Kelly and Tessa more often.  She is always asking for her and wondering if we will get to see them and play.  Plus, she is never sad to go into the class anymore because Tessa goes with her.  She still loves to dance and now is constantly telling us that she made up new dances, which are awesome by the way.  They don't get to do tumble as much, so she might have to take a gymnastics class next year because she loves that.

I am loving our routine.  We go to the gym everyday but Wednesday and then run errands, go to dance/library, come home and clean, etc.  She doesn't always like to go to the gym, but she manages.  Most mornings, she changes clothes before she even comes out of her room, and usually into her wonder woman dress or her sofia nightgown.  So when I make her change clothes, she screams and fights me.  It's a rough 15 minutes but eventually she gets dressed.  A few times in class we have done little moves that remind me of her and I can tell she is going to love dancing and being a nut forever.  She is a great helper at the grocery store and she loves picking new books from the library.  She loves her BSF preschool class and always comes home telling me about God, Jesus, Moses, and singing songs.  She sings a "Good Morning God" song and one about "Go Down Moses."  

She still loves to dress up and I sometimes don't have to dress her at all.  She wears wonder woman, sofia, and her cowboy hat.  She borrowed the cowboy hat from the Spiegel's at the beginning of October for Halloween and won't give it back.  She loves it.  She is constantly pretending to be Sheriff Callie and loves that hat.  She is still having bathroom issues so we go naked a lot also, but she just doesn't seem to mind anymore.  She just keeps on going with life and pretends she's not.  

Harper is 3 and is dealing with all that that entails.  We have power struggles, and she doesn't understand that she can't talk to us the same way we talk to her.  She can't control us or reprimand us like we do to her, etc.  And it seems like she has a bad day every three or so days, but thankfully most of the time we have just bad moments and then get back on track.  I love her heart and her sweet spirit and how much she loves on others, especially babies.  I love her creative mind where she can play with one item for hours, pretending it's something else and making up stories with it.  She is just such a fun kid!

This season has been rough for A&M but we played Auburn when they were top 5 and we actually won.  It was a big game, a GOOD game.  When they fumbled with only 1 minute left, there was a bit of a celebration at our house.  Pillows were tossed, screaming commenced, and there was much joy.  Hopefully next year will be even better. 

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