Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Klusman Christmas

Christmas Day we spent in Frisco at Kristen's house.  My dad was the first family and they came over for lunch and presents.  It was nice that the whole family was together and we just sat and relaxed together for awhile.  Dane was running late but it just allowed all of us time to talk and hang out.  We had lunch and sat and talked about all the places we worked in high school and college (or got fired from).  We laughed a lot and it is always funny to see what the other siblings remember.  We opened presents afterwards and it was funny to see all the fun stuff everyone got.  My dad got some new waders and he actually put them on and tried them out in their swimming pool.  It had to have been cold, but it was funny to see the kids faces when he got out and wasn't wet.  Cody got an "Office" mug with his face on it from the sisters.  Eric got Robin (from Batman) socks with capes attached.  Harper got her favorite gifts - a Frozen singing microphone and a Doc McStuffin's mobile.  She loved both and walked around for an hour just singing and pulling her wagon.  Eric may have gotten a little tired of hearing a 30 second mix of Let It Go, but I've been living with it for over a year, so I didn't feel bad.  The cousins were so cute giving and opening presents from each other.  They were so honestly happy that it melted my heart.  We took family pictures and it is so crazy to think there will be at least 2 more next year.  Our family is getting big!

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