Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hempkins' Christmas

After the Shattuck Christmas, we went to church that evening at Fusion.  Cody's parents met us there and it was a great service.  Afterwards, we went to their house to have dinner and open presents.  It's a pretty quiet affair but we still had a great time.  Harper had a blast helping everyone open presents and being the center of attention.  She gets to be at their house since there isn't anyone else cute and little.  She got her magna-tiles that she loves and was so excited to play with them.  She was pretty sad when we made her put them away because it was time to go home and go to bed.  We went ahead and put her to bed just a little late and then Buddy and Serena came over for dessert.  It always cuts the night short to have to leave at bedtime, so this way we got to sit and just hang out quite a bit longer.  On a sidenote, as a fantastic memory, right as we were leaving, Buddy scared the heck out of Harper and she wouldn't go to sleep for an extra 30 minutes that night.  We try to make Christmas all about Jesus, but there really isn't much getting around Santa, so we explain him as well, just not in as much detail.  So she knew that Santa brought her one gift in celebration of Jesus' birthday, but not much about the North Pole or his elves or having to be good because he was watching.  When we were leaving, Buddy said something to the effect of, Harper better get to sleep soon because someone was coming to her house.  She had no clue what he was talking about.  After she had bathed and was laying in bed, she finally asked, "Who is coming?  I don't want anyone to come in my house."  She was terrified!  I explained that it was Santa and then decided that it would be our new tradition for Santa to bring her present and put it in the mail like the postman instead of coming in.  So that seemed to help some, but she was still worried.  She asked about it several more times and wouldn't sleep.  Eventually she was fine, but it was a funny joke that night.  

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