Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning we love spending the morning at our house, opening her gift from us and from Santa, reading about the birth of Jesus and celebrating with a Happy Birthday Jesus party.  This year, Harper slept in until almost 8am, which is an hour later than normal and only 30 minutes before the Hempkins' were supposed to be over.  But I was very thankful for the time to get ready and for her extra sleep.  Christmas takes a lot out of you!  We had our Happy Birthday Jesus party first and Cody read about the birth of Christ.  Harper got to celebrate with cupcakes (breakfast muffins with sprinkles).  She must not have liked the cupcakes all that much because she only ate the top part with the sprinkles.  Afterwards, Buddy and Serena came over and we let Harper open her presents.  She got a My Little Pony from us and one from Santa.  She had asked for this little yellow pony that she saw at Walmart and she was so excited that she got it.  She shouted "It's all I ever really wanted" right when she opened it.  She truly only asked for that, and remembered every time someone asked what she wanted.  And it was only like $2.  Sweet child.  So she got that and then Cody and I got her a bigger pony with more accessories just in case.  She loves horses so we figured this would be perfect.  Cody also got her a puzzle that is kind of like a rubix cube but she loves puzzles so we thought she would be able to figure it out.  After presents, she played for a little while and then we packed up and headed to my family's Christmas.  

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