Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Library Christmas Party

The library has a Christmas party every year and it is always fun to go and see Santa.  She was sitting and listening to the story time when Santa came in.  She was shocked and excited and scared all at once.  

All the kids took turns sitting on Santa's lap.  It's the same Santa as in all the years past, and he was so nice about her being shy.  I tried to pry her off me, but she just wouldn't have it.  She wouldn't even look at him.  Eventually, I reminded her that she could tell Santa one present for him to bring her, for Jesus' birthday, if she wanted.  She suddenly lit up and was much less shy.  She asked him for the My Little Pony "ponytail" that she wanted and saw at WalMart.  He gave her a book and a toy and was very nice.  

Later, right before Santa was leaving, Kelly asked if Tessa and Harper wanted to go up and sit on Santa's lap together.  Tessa had been shy too, so we thought we would try again.  Harper, suddenly excited and not shy - I don't know why, ran up and sat on his lap.  She talked to him for a few minutes, gave him hugs, and was not scared at all.  Then Tessa sat with her and they took some pictures with Santa.  These two love each other and are always such a great encouragement for each other.  

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