Wednesday, January 14, 2015

McCool Baby #3

While all of the family was there for Christmas, Kristen and Brian decided to find out what gender their sweet baby McCool #3 would be.  She had to take a blood test at 12 weeks and it also tells gender, so she got a secret envelope from her doctor the day before Christmas.  She bought a boy and a girl outfit and had our cousin Lynne mark which present to open so Kristen wouldn't know.  Reese didn't seem to care if it was a boy or girl, but Grayson seriously wanted a brother.  They opened the package it's going to be another little girl!  Grayson wasn't too sad, but he was a little disappointed.  And Reese missed opening the gift so she went ahead and opened the other one anyways.  Now our baby girl and theirs will be so close!  The whole thing was precious and we are so excited for them!

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