Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Piersall Christmas

After my dad left, my mom came over for Piersall family Christmas.  Maya and her daughter, Ally, came also.  They missed the morning with my dad because Ally wasn't feeling well that morning, but she was better and they headed over.  Grandma Ruth and Ron also came over and Harper was excited to see her.  She may have confused her with my sweet Grandma Klusman, who passed away this year, because she asked her why she wasn't in heaven.  Yikes; kids are seriously funny though.  She got a singing Clover doll from Sofia from Grandma Ruth and she loved it.  She gave her a big hug and told her thanks and it just melted Grandma's heart.  I love it when they just take you by surprise with their sweet hearts.  Harper also got her new bike from KK and Mark and she didn't really know how to ride it at first.  Cody will have to help her this winter.  Reese also got a new bike from Santa and she rode around the house, saying "Help please" because she couldn't really ride it all that well either.  You could tell that all the kids were a little tired.  Harper and Grayson didn't nap and were fading, but Reese napped for a short time and it made her a bit grumpy.  Grayson spent a long time that evening casting his new fishing reel (with a cork of course) and he was so excited to have a real one.  It's so precious to see how excited the little kids got about all their stuff.  It was awesome.  We had a good dinner and then sat around and talked while the kids got ready for bed.  We headed home exhausted, but happy that it was such a great day.  

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