Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Little Miss Sadie

Sadie Grace Largent is here!  We are so excited to meet her.  She came rather abruptly.  Jessica started having contractions around midnight but they were 5 min apart.  Then by 1am, they were bad and fast and she said she couldn't talk or walk.  They headed to the hospital and sweet Sadie was born shortly after 2am (like 5 min after they got to the hospital).  She is precious and sweet and we are so excited that she is here.  Harper was so ready to hold her and play with her.  But she loves playing with Cayden too, so it was a split decision for her.  I snuggled her for awhile because she wasn't feeling well.  It turned out that she had RSV that turned into pneumonia and was in the hospital for two weeks right after we left.  Poor sweet girl.  We are just so glad she is home and healthy now!

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