Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The State Fair of Texas

We finally got to go to the state fair this year.  It's been 3 years since we've been back so we had a great time.  Cody took off on the last Thursday of the fair and Buddy and Serena went with us.  We left at 9 but didn't get there until 11.  We walked around, did some of the kid activities, saw the cars, and walked through the buildings.  Suddenly it was already afternoon and we had only done like half of the fair.  We decided to stay as long as we needed and it ended up being the whole day.  Harper got to do spin art, walk through the petting zoo, watch the dog show, ride the swan paddle boats, ride the carousel, and a roller coaster.  Paige just watched or rode.  She was seriously good.  We borrowed the sit and stand stroller from the Haddock's because we thought Paige would ride and figured that Harper would want to sit every now and then.  Turned out that Paige didn't want to sit, she wanted to be held and Harper wanted to ride the whole time.  Harper was a bit crazy, wanting to do and touch and see everything.  She wanted to get in every car, touch all the animals, look at every booth, etc.  Paige finally napped for about 30 minutes at 3pm, but in general, it was Harper's stroller.  Harper also talked Buddy into the Swan Paddle Boats and Serena into the carousel.  She asked if she could do the paddle boats and I said no.  She asked Buddy and he said yes.  Then when we got there, he looked at me confused.  He thought he was just saying, sure, ask your mom, whatever you want.  Nope, you were saying yes to you and her!  So he had to take her.  Then, she spent some time looking at the map and she saw a picture of a girl on a carousel horse.  It looked like there was nothing there except a restroom, so I told her no.  She put up a big fuss because she was sure there was a carousel.  An hour later, as we finally walked by that place, there it was.  So she rode with Serena on it.  Then, as we were leaving, Buddy realized he had $10 in tickets left, just enough to ride one more ride.  So Harper got to pick a roller coaster and it ended up being her favorite thing.  Girlfriend loves roller coasters.  It was a great day.  Walking around and enjoying the fair and seeing all the excitement from a 4 year olds perspective.  There was a wreck on the way home plus we stopped for dinner so it took us almost 3 hours, but it was still a great day.

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