Wednesday, October 14, 2015


September.  Crazy month.  Not much sleep still.  Kids growing and eating everything in sight.  School, church, bible study, working out, camping, cleaning, etc.  There wasn't really a moment to just sit.  It was a whirlwind month.  We are pretty busy each week.  We have church on Sundays.  Gym, Gymnastics, and Bible Study on Mondays.  BSF on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Thursdays we do gym and hang out with Haddocks.  Which leaves Friday for playdates, grocery store, cleaning the house, library, etc.  It's a busy week!  It's been a struggle to get it all done, to make it all happen and enjoy it at the same time.  Two is definitely twice the work and twice the fun.  

Harper has had a few months of struggles.  She isn't sleeping well.  She has bad dreams or is scared of the dark or just wants someone to sleep with her.  It has been months of perpetual tiredness.  She has also started to act out a little.  She gets upset if she doesn't get her way and stomps or pouts.  She is tired of eating some of the same foods.  She is just growing up but not big enough to do everything on her own yet.  I'm sure it's hard!  She loves all her activities but it also makes her tired and grumpy.  It's a hard balance to find.  Paige has been waking up at 5am, which makes her super tired too.  Plus, it usually wakes Harper.  In general, it's a rough phase that we are learning to overcome.  Thankfully, even with all this junk, both girls are still smiley and happy and genuinely good girls.  We love them and are thankful when they can turn the day around and be happy.

Paige is into everything.  She loves to crawl, get up on her knees, or pull up to stand next to something. It was hard at the beginning of the month because she fell alot and it wasn't safe to leave her alone.  We had to watch her constantly or not let her down.  Harper was a great big sister and she was always looking out for her.  Sitting behind her or holding onto her so she won't fall.  It's been fun to see Paige do new tricks and to see how proud Harper is of her.  Having sisters is so much more fun!

We are still homeschooling Harper for preschool.  She has learned a different bible verse each week, which is probably more than me.  She is so precious saying them and I'm so proud.  She is also learning one story in the bible each week, and it's so interesting to hear her take or her insight on each one.  She always reminds me later in the week about the characteristic we are working on.  For example, kindness in the story of Cain and Able.  She tells me she would never hurt anyone, especially her sister.  She takes them so seriously!  She really likes writing, her numbers, letters, or words.  She loves to play with her math manipulatives and usually is a trooper doing stuff late in the day even if she is tired.  But her favorite part is science experiments.  She has only done "sink or float" and "primary colors v. secondary colors" but she thinks they are so cool.  I love her amazement at new things!  Her drawing has gotten so much better.  I was noticing the other day how she is really great at copying things.  She drew the book cover for "Olive the Other Reindeer" and it was so good!  She still loves to draw and probably does a few drawings or letters or cards a day.

These two are inseparable.  The minute Harper wakes up, she immediately goes to Paige to say good morning.  The minute Paige wakes up from nap, she immediately looks for Harper.  It's seriously the best feeling as a mom ever.  I asked Cody how in the world we raised Harper without a big sister to look out for her and take care of her.  Paige would crawl after Harper any day.   

Filling the nights is sometimes easy and sometimes hard.  We play outside, cook or grill dinner, take baths, go for walks, etc.  I'm sure Cody would like to just sit and relax after work, but that is never the case around here.  But when bedtime hits, we don't waste a second!  The evening walks have definitely helped when the nights are long.  And the amazing weather has been great for us to get outside right after school.  

Paige got to meet Lanie at our BSF playdate.  They were born 4 days apart (Paige came early).  Natalie and I worked out together through our entire pregnancy.  It's fun to finally see them together.  We also went out to the Piazza's lake cabin for dinner and the kids played while we chatted.  It's always fun and easy to go out there and relax.  Harper also finally got into Legos.  We dreaded it because of the millions of tiny pieces.  But it's actually been fun.  Harper and Cody have sat together for hours and put it together 

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