Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Hempkins' go camping!

We have toyed around with the idea of buying a camper for almost a year now.  I grew up camping and loved it and Cody grew up taking tons of road trips.  My parents had a camper and we enjoyed going with them.  When Harper was 2, she asked to sleep in the tent instead of in the camper.  I agreed and it was a horrible night.  We ended up in the camper at 2am sleeping on the dinette withe Cody (there was definitely not enough room!).  So I told Cody I would not be camping again without a camper.  When my parents sold theirs, we decided we needed one of our own.  We bought Cody's truck this summer and started looking for a camper.  We kept going back and forth between a pop up, because it offers so much room for less money, and a travel trailer because it is less work and has all the amenities.  We finally found a hybrid travel trailer popup, which is perfect!  It is a Fleetwood Orbit Hybrid, 20 ft travel trailer with bed popouts.  It is a 2006 so it's a little older than Cody wanted.  He didn't want to buy something that would need lots of fixing.  But it's in great shape.  It was owned by people who took fabulous care of it and did a great job keeping the camper clean.  Plus, it was a great price, in budget and afforded tons of room inside.  It has a small kitchen, sink, fridge, stove, microwave.  A small bathroom with sink, toilet, full (skinny!) shower.  It has a dinette and couch that both turn into beds.  And both ends pop out into full beds.  So it can sleep 6-8 which is awesome!  Plus, it has a slide out so when the couch and dinette are pushed back, you have like 3 feet of space in the middle to just live.  We love it!  Harper is in love too.  She loved camper shopping and running in and out of all of them.  When we finally brought it home, she still begged to go camper shopping.  She likes that she gets to pick her bed and loves that we get to have dinner outside and make a campfire.  The 6th day that we had this, it rained and the camper leaked.  It was so frustrating because we were told it didn't leak.  Thankfully it was a quick fix and sellers were kind and helpful.  And now we are ready to go!

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