Saturday, October 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Camilla!

Sweet Camilla turned 4!  She had a fun, outside, backyard water party all planned but it poured that morning.  So we headed to Batts Warehouse instead.  They had a huge Frozen bouncehouse that all the kids had a blast playing on.  There was also a small one for the babies that Paige liked crawling around on.  Harper and Camilla had a blast jumping all morning.  We had snacks and opened presents.  We had to leave early but we had a great time.  We ended up going back over there the next afternoon to hang out and play some more.  They still had the bouncehouse so we decided to take advantage of it.  We played for a few hours and then headed to Rosanna and Jeremy's for dinner.  It was a great afternoon to just sit and chat and catch up.  Harper and Camilla had a blast and played all day.  So glad these girls are such good friends!

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