Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sister Love

I was folding laundry one day when I looked over and saw these two.  I can't express how much I love them and how much joy it gives me that they love each other so much.  Harper is such a great big sister.  She is always looking out for Paige's well being and making her happy.  Paige loves her and will follow her anywhere.  We finally got out her activity table and she is loving it.  However, she still isn't super stable sitting up on her knees or standing up.  She falls backwards often and hits her head, or screams because she doesn't know how to get down.  Harper sat with her this day and helped her play and kept her safe from falling.  I love that I got to witness this moment from behind the scenes.  And of course, after, Paige crawling all over her and pulling her hair and I'm sure slobbering all over her.  But it's fun and Harper loves it.  These two may be trouble together someday!

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