Thursday, October 8, 2015

The flu makes the rounds...

Well, flu season has already started and it's only September.  The stomach bug went around here and sadly it took out our entire family.  Cody had it Friday night and Saturday.  Paige got it Tuesday morning, Harper Tuesday afternoon, and I got it Tuesday night.  Thankfully, it really wasn't a bad one. It was 24 hours or less, so we were all better within two days.  And Cody and I never really got fully sick.  It was just a feeling of if I moved, I would get sick.  So I had to stay still for awhile.  Sadly, I got sick in the middle of the night but was still getting up with both girls.  It was awful!  At like 5am Wednesday, Paige woke up feeling better and wanted to play.  I told Cody there was no way I could take care of both girls all day and be sick, so he took off work and stayed home with us.  The sad part was that it happened the first week of BSF, so I had to miss meeting my group.  I felt so bad!  

Tuesday afternoon, we went ahead and took them to the doctor.  Paige just kept throwing up and I couldn't remember how long she could go without a bottle.  She drank her 9am bottle, threw up her 12 bottle and that was it for the day.  Poor kiddo, she was so hungry the next day.  Harper was about the same, barely ate breakfast or lunch and didn't really eat until lunch the next day.  Of course both girls threw up as we were getting into the car, in the doctor's office, and in the room.  Being so little, Paige would just fuss and then throw up all down her self.  It went everywhere.  Thankfully, Harper is big enough that she would tell us she didn't feel good and then throw up in the bowl.  She really didn't make any mess except when she threw up in bed in the middle of the night, and no one can blame her for that.  Wednesday was ok.  Cody helped with the girls and I laid around when they napped and played with them when there were up.  Thankfully, we were all feeling better by Thursday so I spent the day de-germing the house while the girls played.  I am hoping but not feeling optimistic that this flu season isn't horrible!

I will say, they were so good for each other.  They love each other so much.  Harper would just love on Paige when she got sick and would tell her how sorry she was and to feel better.  Makes a mama's heart feel better.

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