Friday, October 30, 2015

Recital Pictures

After her recital, Harper had her recital pictures.  She loved getting all dressed up again and getting to curl her hair and wear makeup.  All the girls just sat around the dance room while each girl took pictures in each outfit, with group pictures in between.  It took almost two hours.  But they had fun, so we were all good.  They sat around and talked, played on phones, rolled around on top of each other.  And of course we were begging them to be still and not ruin their hair, makeup, and costume.  Oh well, it's all over at this point!  The funniest part was when we figured out that Taylor and Harper almost had the same costume from their first (and only) dance recital.  I think it's hilarious!  This girl had a great year and loved being in dance.  Especially with all her friends.  We are going to miss it next year.  But she's excited about gymnastics too.  She'll always be a dancer anyways!

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