Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A girl's gotta eat...

Lately it feels like all we do is eat, play, sleep, eat some more.  Paige gets a bottle every 3 hours still and is now eating breakfast and dinner.  Plus, Harper is like a bottomless pit.  She eats breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a morning snack, an afternoon, snack, an evening snack with Cody when he gets home, and a bedtime snack.  Girl is always hungry.  Cody is about the same, but it's because he doesn't eat as much at school so he's super hungry at night.  I slacked for a long time in the meal planning department but I'm finally doing better.  So we have been grilling and baking and cooking really good foods lately. Paige is loving feeding herself.  She still loves her regular baby food, but she likes to play with food too.  One night, Cody grilled chicken legs and we ate outside on the patio.  His chicken legs are seriously good.  Paige got to eat sweet potato fries for the first time and she loved them.  I swear she ate as many as we all did.  We also have been trying to remind Harper of foods that she liked before but has forgotten.  She will fight us on eating something if it's not a food she knows.  But a couple of foods she loves and just can't remember.  So lately we've had fried chicken, which we call chicken nuggets and she calls chicken nuts.  She loves them!  She also absolutely loves chicken fettucini alfredo.  We have decided to just call it cheesy pasta so she'll remember.  She actually asked for it for breakfast the next morning too.  Silly girl!  We are definitely a house that enjoys our food.  

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