Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Camping and Nature and Quiet.

We finally were able to take the camper out in the end of September.  We knew that we wanted to just go by ourselves, somewhere close, for just a day or two.  We didn't know how everything worked so we wanted to figure it all out.  Plus, we weren't quite sure how the girls would do with the sleeping and such.  It was a good idea...  We had a great time but it was definitely a learning curve.  We learned that Paige is going to take awhile to get used to sleeping in her pack and play.  Plus, no matter the size of the blanket you put down outside, Paige will just crawl to the edge and eat whatever she can find, rocks, leaves, sticks, dirt.  So we either held Paige outside or she crawled around inside the camper.  She liked crawling under the table and around on the beds.  She was good, but she got tired of it in the end.  Harper played around inside and out.  She liked playing on the beds and finding toys under the couch.  She went in and out alot which was hard with Paige being caged inside.  

We planned to leave after Cody got off work on Friday afternoon.  I had packed up the camper the day before with all the permanent supplies, bedding, etc.  However, it ended up taking us longer to pack the food and hook up the camper.  So by the time we got to Eisenhower State Park, it was already 6:30.  Harper was hungry, so I heated her dinner up in the microwave and Cody started the grill for our dinner.  Paige ended up going to bed late, after crying for a bit, and we finally ate dinner at like 8pm.  Everything just seemed to take us awhile.  But Harper loved every minute.  She liked the late dinner.  The dark night sky.  The billions of stars.  The huge campfire.  The little dinette bed that is hers.  Sleeping in the same room as all of us.  She had a magical night. 

So Paige went to sleep at 8, Harper went to sleep at 8:30, and we went to bed at 9.  It was a long day and we were tired.  Around 4am, Paige woke up.  She was confused and mad and was not going back to sleep.  She cried for an hour, until she finally woke Harper up.  I put Harper in bed with Cody and fed Paige a bottle thinking that would help.  It didn't, so I tried sleeping with her in Harper's bed.  That was a joke.  Eventually, Harper came back to bed, I rocked Paige to sleep, and we were all back alseep around 6am.  Paige then got up at 7am, so we went out and walked around the campgrounds.  Cody and Harper were able to sleep until about 8am, and then we all got up and had breakfast.  I had instant coffee, but it wasn't good enough.  We were tired.  We don't have an oven, so we had campfire biscuits and it was Harper's favorite new food.  Cody had to cook most of them since she isn't big enough to stand over the fire, and it took awhile, but it was still fun.  After breakfast, Paige finally took a nap and Cody and Harper rode bikes to the park.  When they got back, we decided to pack up and head out.  It had already been a long morning and we wanted to get home, nap, and watch the A&M game.  At the very end of the morning, as we were about to leave, the door accidentally got opened and Paige (who was leaning on it) fell face first out.  She slid face first down the stairs and tumbled onto her back.  It was pretty scary, she was screaming pretty good.  But in the end she was ok.  Lots of learning curves!  It was a great weekend and we are excited about all the fall camping we are going to do.

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