Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Paige Marie

For Paige's birth, Kristen bought her a romper with her initials on it and a matching hat.  Since she was born 3 weeks early, it wasn't even in yet.  So she got it soon after and we then realized it was huge on her.  So we waited a bit and then totally forgot about it.  So at 6 months, here she is in her "coming home" outfit.  It's a bit snug but still fits.  I love that her name is on it.  It's the one thing she got that has her name and is all hers and not a hand-me-down.  And she was just getting to sitting up so she liked showing it off.  I also absolutely love all her facial expressions.  She is so smiley and even has the best smirk.  Love her so much!

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