Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Half a year old!

Paige is 6 months old!  Half a year.  It's gone by way too fast.  It's so true that they grow so quickly.  If feels like just last week she was my little, tiny baby.  She definitely isn't anymore though!  Girlfriend has rolls on her rolls.  She is big and busy and learning all sorts of new skills.  

Paige weighs 16 pounds 1.5 ounces and is 25 1/2 inches long, which is 50% and 75%.  She seems so big for her age but she is only average weight and a little tall.  And yet somehow I can't fit my hand around her legs.  Girl has some thighs.  She is right on track with development.  She is sleeping through the night (as far as eating, not as far as just sleeping).  Every other night or so, she wakes up once or twice and I go in and give her a paci.  It gets old but I know she's teething so I do it anyways. She wakes up super early, which is a serious beating.  She usually wakes at 5am, but will go back to sleep until 5:30 or 6, and then I have to get her up before her talking and yelling wakes up the house.  I feed her at 630, 930, and 1230.  She naps about 30 minutes between each bottle and then goes down for a long (3-4 hour) nap from about 1pm to 4/5pm.  Then she gets another bottle when she wakes up.  Bath time at 7pm, another bottle, and then bed at 730pm.  It's a pretty good routine and allows us to run errands and do things all morning because she is a good sleeper in the car and carseat.  We usually have breakfast in the morning and go to the gym from 9-10 and then grocery store or play date or library or whatever.  Since it's summer, we have been home with Cody more often, but we still get out some days.

Paige started foods last month.  She LOVES food now.  It took her awhile to figure it out but she now eats like a champ.  She usually gets one vegetable and one fruit at dinner time, about 1.5 ounces.  So far she has loved green beans, carrots, squash, apples, and pears.  She still isn't in love with any chunks of food and tries to just spit it out.  But she has another month at least until we move on to that stage.  We did start giving her some puffs to see how she liked them.  She likes that it's kind of like a toy that she can put in her mouth.  It takes a long time for her to actually get one from the high chair to her mouth.  Most of the time they get wet and sticky and stuck to the palm of her hand, and never actually make it to her mouth.  Even when she gets one, she usually spits it out because she's not sure what to do with a bite of food instead of pureed food.  It's pretty comical to watch.  

Paige is a pretty good sleeper, until she's not and then it's rough.  Some days she just sleeps for hours or doesn't wake up until the very end and is happy and well rested.  Sometimes I can put her down and she just falls asleep without moving.  But sometimes, it's the opposite.  We went through a few weeks of her waking up and rolling over.  This woke up her even more and she didn't know what to do.  So we had to teach her to sleep on her back and not just wake up and play.  We also gave her back her lovie and tried it for longer this time.  Once the newness of sleeping on her back and having her lovie with her wore off, she suddenly was able to sleep much better.  She also loves to sleep with her love covering her face now.  Funny baby.  Other than that, she is great at sleeping in the car.  She is extremely comfortable in her car seat.  However, she isn't as good about sleeping in new places or other people's homes.  I think it's the newness again, she just wants to stay awake and play and see her new surroundings.  It's tough because she doesn't nap well and usually we are somewhere where it's hard when she is grumpy and tired.  We have discovered that if we aren't at home or in the car, we can usually still get her to sleep in her carseat.  The one place we haven't gotten her to sleep so far is church.  She has been kicked out of the nursery every week since she was 4 months old. She usually needs to nap at 10:30, but will fall asleep for 5 minutes on the way there, which makes her grumpy.  Then, when it is time for her nap, it's loud and lit up and she just won't sleep.  After awhile of crying, they page us and we get her and go to the video venue.  Funny thing is that as soon as I get there, she immediately stops crying and smiles and then doesn't even nap with me during the rest of church.  Paige is definitely a mama and daddy's girl.  

Tricks!  She is so big.  It makes me so sad and happy at the same time.  I love her new phases and that she is fun to play with now.  But I can't believe my baby is growing so fast.  She learned to roll from her tummy to her back pretty fast at the beginning of the month.  She always slept on her stomach with her arms and legs tucked under her and her butt in the air.  One time she stuck her butt up too high and she fell to the side and rolled over.  It was pretty confusing when I went in at 2 in the morning and she was face up instead of face down.  Then, it took her a little while to figure out how to use her legs to swing her body back over onto her stomach.  She even slept on her side for a few weeks.  Now this girl rolls all over the place.  If I put her down on her play mat or her blanket and come back a moment later, she is feet away from where I put her.  She tries to push herself up and crawl but rolling is so much easier for her that she just rolls to get where she wants to go.  She is also big enough to sit on my hip which means I can hold her easier and do things with my other hand.  I love the stage when they can just hang on and you can multitask.  Plus, I can just take her everywhere now and she is just always with me.  She likes a few toys, mostly ones that she can stick in her mouth.  Soft books, her Sofie, anything that crinkles.  She still loves her exersaucer and will play in that most every day.  She got into her walker this month also and loves it.  She just sat in it for about half the month and played on top.  Then she learned that her feet can move her forwards and back and she loves to just kick her feet like crazy and laugh and play in it.  

So far Paige is the best baby.  Yes, she has rough days and doesn't sleep perfect, but in general, she is such a happy baby.  Even on days when her teeth hurt or she only slept for 30 minutes, she is still mostly smiley and happy.  She loves her family and absolutely loves her sister.  She is always smiling and laughing and playing.  We love our sweet Paigey Girl!



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