Friday, September 18, 2015

Gymnastics Class

Harper has been asking to take gymnastics class ever since Lucy Piazza's birthday party in January.  It was at the gym and she loved getting to run around and be wild.  When dance got a little much for us at the end of the year, we decided to just try something new this year.  She is so excited for gymnastics!  We had to tell her all summer that it would start when Cody started back to school in August.  When he had a staff development training in July and he told Harper he "had to work" she got all excited because she thought it meant she got to start gym!

She is going to be in the same class as Reagan Haddock so she is even more excited.  All her friends started back to school in August and she was so sad.  No Tessa or Lucy, but thankfully she still has Reagan and Presley.  She really has gotten to love them and enjoy their friendship.  

She loves gymnastics class.  They start with stretches.  Then they get to jump down the trampoline a few times, doing obstacles along the way.  She LOVES that part.  After that they do stations that usually include cartwheels, balance beam, somersaults, etc.  She likes those but also tends to get a little distracted watching everyone else.  But she always tells me that her teacher tells her what a great job she is doing.  Last they get to do a few runs on the bars.  She absolutely loves it so I'm glad she is doing it this year.  Plus I get to sit and chat with Lorna while Presley and Paige play.  It's a pretty good deal!

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