Friday, September 11, 2015

I am HIS.

So I got a tattoo.  I don't know that I ever thought I'd be brave enough to do it.  I've always sort of wanted one.  But knew that I am an impulsive person so I was afraid I wouldn't want it down the road.  However, I sat on the idea of this one for a long time and never really wavered.  After almost a year, of wanting the exact same thing, same font, same color, same place, I decided to go for it.  I asked my brother, Eric, to take me when I visited him in Austin at the beginning of August.  He has a couple tattoos and I thought it would be fun to do together.  He's a great big brother but we don't get to do very much together just the two of us.

So I just wanted to get my thoughts down on why I got a tattoo.  It seems so "taboo" to get one.  To be a Christian.  To be this proper person who doesn't do anything crazy.  But having lived in Denison for 2 years, I have learned that people are all different and yet all people are perfect.  In who they are.  In who God created them to be.  In who Christ saved them for.  I have started to see the "grey areas" and realize that nothing is black and white.  Because it's not about rules or laws.  It's about grace and love and mercy.  It's about the cross. It's about the fact that I needed saving just as much as anyone else I meet.  It's about Jesus and not me.  There is no one way to be the "perfect Christian" other than to love Jesus and surrender your life to Him.  To be His.

His.  Such a small word.  But such a huge meaning for me.  I am His.  I am His forever.  I can never be plucked from His hand.  I am His because He saved me, chose me, loved me, redeemed me.  My life is His.  All that I do should reflect that.  My goals should be His goals.  My purpose is centered on Him and not myself.  Because everything I am and everything I do is about Him.  Aside from that, my family is His.  He loves them even more than I do.  So I have to trust Him with them, with their lives, with their hearts, with their futures.  And when they mess up or they have bad days or they don't meet my expectations, I also have to remember that they are His.  He is the only judge.  He is the one who is perfect, not me.  They don't answer to me, but to Him.  Because they are His special treasure too.  So it will go with my whole life.  This one word will keep my eyes focused on God instead of myself.  My money is His.  My car, my clothes, my job, my house, my plans, my everything.  And I love that everytime I see it, it is a constant visual reminder of who my life belongs to.  I AM HIS. 

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