Tuesday, September 22, 2015

August Happenings

August was pretty good.  We had some good down time and also traveled a bit.  Cody got a new truck, a 2500 Dodge Ram that he absolutely loves.  It's so big that I have to lift the girls over my head to get them into the truck.  But it's pretty awesome.  Kara and Kevin got engaged in July and have been crazy wedding planning.  I got to see her at Harper's eye appointment and finally give her a big hug.  So excited for them.  Side note - the surgery was 100% successful.  Such great news!  Harper's eyes are healed and great and we are so thankful.  Her vision is perfect so we will have annual checkups but she is in the clear!  

This girl.  I have no words.  She left for the University of Arkansas in the middle of August and we miss her terribly.  She is doing great, she is happy, she is a college girl.  She lives in the dorm on campus with Gentry.  They actually live on the top floor (10th) and their huge window (the size of their wall) overlooks the campus.  It's beautiful.  She is a journalism major so something in film or journalism or that general direction.  She acts like she isn't coming home until Christmas, but I'm hoping my constant pictures of my cute babies will lure her here sooner.  

We had a date night and had dinner and drinks with the Piazzas.  Kari says we are sisters from another mister.  It's funny how we can feel like we've known each other our whole lives.  I love her tons and we always have the best time together.  We had dinner at the Old Iron Post and it was horrible but fun to laugh about.  Then we had drinks at Fulbellis and it was nice to sit and chat.  It's nice to have a couple friend that Cody enjoys also.  He and Joe could sit and talk about A&M for most of the night which lets Kari and I gossip for hours.  It's the best.  

Harper had a good month.  She got her hair cut for the first time ever.  It was a good 5 inches and she looks so much bigger!  She has definitely grown up a lot in the last few months.  She is such a great helper.  She loves to learn new things.  She is always doing things for me or watching me do it and then doing it herself.  She is a big copycat and can figure out how to do something just by watching others.  She is sometimes shy but usually happy to try new things.  But she isn't a huge follower.  She likes to lead or do things on her own.

Paige is getting big.  It's hard to watch your baby get bigger when you know that you are probably done with babies.  We love her so stinking much.  She makes us all laugh everyday.  She is constantly squawking and laughing.  She likes to be tickled and held and will follow Harper anywhere.  She's chunky but still little.  Her hair is dark, which throws us off all the time.  She is a big mama's girl, but loves her daddy and her sister just as much.  She is in the stage where each day she is learning something new.  She is army crawling and trying to get up as much as possible.  She can get up on all fours like she's doing a downward dog.  She is sitting in her highchair and eating foods.  She is learning to feed herself and drink from her sippy cup.  She is kind of fussy if she gets hungry but in general she is a happy baby.  She smiles at strangers, as long as they don't try to take her (which has happened quite a bit!).  

Preschool has started.  I'm doing my own curriculum this year and I am excited about it.  I have spent tons of time getting activities, printables, and ideas organized.  We are working on numbers up to 100, groups of numbers, patterns, and we will finish with adding and subtracting basic numbers.  We are also working on reading, phonics, letter sounds, sight words, rhyming, and will hopefully have her sounding out and reading some by the end of the year. She is also working on writing, handwriting, all her personal info, some science/experiments, art, colors, shapes, etc.  The new part of the preschool this year that has been going really well is the bible study.  We are doing a bible story each week that teaches a characteristic of God that we want her to learn and exhibit.  We are also memorizing one scripture verse a week.  She has done great and is learning so much.  I'm so proud of her desire to learn more and more about God each day. 

One day during play time, I came into the playroom and saw her standing at the board and talking to her "students".  It made me smile so big!  I was in third grade when I found a teachers set of books at the school one summer day.  I played school all summer with my stuffed animals and I know that had a lot to do with my becoming a teacher.  It's a great profession and an important calling and if that's what Harper chooses we would be so proud!

Paige is not the best sleeper some days and then some days she just can't get enough.  She isn't really sleeping all the way through the night.  I probably get up every other hour to put her paci back in or check on why she's crying.  She only gets 10-11 hours at night which I don't think is enough.  Her afternoon nap is about the same, however she is getting better about sleeping longer for that and waking up/crying less.  But poor girl is just done by the end of the day.  She falls asleep so fast after her 7:00 bottle.  She is so snuggly then, I love that small amount of time together.  She is starting to sleep on her side now.  She was tummy.  Then we taught her to sleep on her back when she started rolling.  So then she didn't know what to do.  Now she rolls halfway and sleeps on her side.  Sometimes I have to prop her up on her side against the crib railing to keep her on her side so she will stay asleep.  I am about to be done with the paci too.  She doesn't really like it much, but every now and then it calms her enough to be worth it.  But about 5 times a night, I get tired of the paci dropping down the side of the crib.  I collect at least 5 paci's every morning off the floor.  We may have to get a bumper soon.  

The weather in the evenings has been off and on nice.  So on days when Paige is fussy, we go for a walk to pass the time.  I have been running outside and Harper always wants to come with me.  So I told her we could go running one day while Paige sat in the stroller.  She did really well!  She ran off and on for about half a mile.  She looks so cute and big though, her being big enough to actually jog with me, it was astonishing and a little sad.  I love this girl, but she is getting big fast.  So we started that tradition and it has been fun.  Then, she has days where she idd defiant and can't make it through the day.  Being 4 is hard.  She got sent to time out once after about an hour of crying and not eating her lunch and passed out for an hour.  Turning 4 has not been all sunshine like we thought it would be.  She is struggling with her emotions and her anger at not getting her way.  

Happy birthday Lucy!  She had a tea party for her 3rd birthday and it was precious.  Harper and Lucy (and Thomas) have gotten to be great friends this summer.  They spent 2-3 hours together each week while Lauren, Stephney, and I did our book/bible study.  It was a great thing for us this summer and we loved it.  Harper loved celebrating Lucy and loved the tea party idea just as much!

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