Monday, September 21, 2015

Football Season

Friday night lights have begun.  We love football season around here.  We go to the home football games for the high school and then spend most of Saturday watching college ball.  We get to see all of the family up here on most Friday nights and Harper loves it.  She plays with Julianne and Tessa and they hug about 100 times.  We go early, just like last year.  Harper loves to watch the cheerleaders and the drill team come out and dance. The football team entrance through the helmet is always interesting too.  We only stay until the beginning of the 1st quarter and then it's time to go.  Paige has her bottle, we change into pjs and head home.  It's weird to be leaving when most people are getting there, but it's about all we can handle.  It's still about an hour past Paige's bedtime.  It's still fun and we love going.  We love the YellowJackets!

We got to watch the homecoming court before the second game and that was fun because they were all dressed in their fancy dresses.  And then we showed up and Harper, Julianne, and Tessa were all matching.  We snapped a picture of all the cousins, it might be the first one!

We love football.  Go Jackets!

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