Friday, September 18, 2015

Growing up so fast!

I just can't believe Paige is getting so big so fast!  She is hitting the stage where she starts picking up tricks and new milestones.  It's good, but it's all happening so fast.  Makes me want to cry a little.  My last little bit of Baby Paige...

She got her first tooth finally.  This was one milestone that we were praying would just come and be done.  She had been "teething" for 3 months.  Since she was 3 or 4 months, she has been drooling like crazy, gnawing on everything, and on and off fussy messing with her mouth.  We could see the tooth close to the surface but it just never came. We probably gave her tylenol for 2 full weeks because she just would wake up crying out in pain.  It finally popped through the second week of August.  This picture was the next morning, the day Taylor moved to college in Arkansas.  We were both having a rough day.  

She also started the next step of eating.  She got her sip cup, which is super fun to play with.  She likes the handles and can pick it up but usually turns it upside down immediately.  She, of course, likes to throw it down on the floor, but it's more because of inability than defiance.  I'm sure that will come later.  She got to have a few meals of finger foods and she really likes to feed herself.  

She finally passed the time when it was easy to let her lay down in the tub to bathe.  But she wasn't big enough to sit up on her own yet.  We had a bath seat but she was too fat and she kept breaking it when her legs got stuck.  So we bought a teacher necessity and turned it into a bath tub.  It's perfect actually.  It is just the right length for her so that she her feet and her back keep her propped up.  Plus it keeps her toys from floating away.  

Oh my goodness.  Crawling already!  I couldn't believe it.  She was always just laying there.  Then she started pushing up and rocking.  At the end of August, just before 7 months, she started scooting around.  She could get up on all fours and then fall forward a few inches.  She could do that a few times and get to where she was going.  If it isn't quite close enough, she will just roll over diagonally until she gets to where she wants to be.  This girl loves to be on the move!

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