Tuesday, September 22, 2015

July Photos

July.  It's now the end of September and I'm just now blogging.  It was a hectic end to summer.  Cody called this the "Summer of No Sleep."  It was sad because normally we are going all summer and enjoying tons of places and people and projects.  It just didn't happen this summer.  Paige was not into sitting outside for long.  We tried to be home every afternoon to let her get her long nap.  It definitely limited us.  Plus, both girls just stopped sleeping well this summer.  Harper had pretty severe seasonal allergies so she woke up sometimes in the middle of the night sneezing and coughing.  Some nights she just woke up, scared of the dark or from a vivid dream.  She usually would be up for about an hour and it made for a very long night.  Paige didn't need to eat, but she wakes up every hour or two.  Crying.  Talking.  Wanting her paci.  Rolling or crawling or learning a new skill.  Life was just hard and tiring.  It was hot but nice that the rain had stopped.  We swam some with friends and at McCools.  We still went to the gym some just to get out of the house.  We had our book study with Lauren and Stephney so Harper and Paige got to play with Lucy and Thomas. A few times this summer I have had to apologize to Harper or Paige for the other.  It's hard to be a "big girl" and want to help but not to know what is not really ok.  She tries to pick her up, to feed her, to dress her, etc.  Then there are the times that she gets covered in stickers and dress up clothes and I feel so bad for Paige.  It's also hard to be a baby and watch everyone else do fun things that you can't do.  She pulls hair, is always messing with stuff, and is just a normal curious baby.  Poor Harper has to have tons of patience and love for her.  They still love each other and are quick to forgive.  I had a moms night out and then we had one big splash park playdate.  It wasn't the most exciting month, but it was still a good summer.  

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