Saturday, June 27, 2015

Swim Lessons

Harper had her first set of swim lessons this summer.  It's two weeks Monday through Thursday for 30 minutes a day.  She basically is learning to like swimming.  They get used to putting their face underwater, jumping in, blowing bubbles, climbing in and out, etc.  They have learned a little about kicking, floating, and using their arms to go forward.  Her teacher is Ms. Dori and her assistant is Miss Ariel.  She loves both of them and had a ton of fun.  She wouldn't put her face in water the first day and Ms Dori ended up kind of making her.  They would play ring around the rosie and she would get a good hold on Harper and when they "all fell down" she would take her under.  She ended up getting ok with it fast, so that was good.  She still holds her head back as far as it will go, just in case she doesn't "have" to put it in the water.  But she is getting much more comfortable in the water.  She liked the other kids in her class, a few from St. Lukes.  Plus, Tessa was in the class next to hers and Julianne was in the big kid class across the pool.  It was nice to have Kelly to talk to each day while the kids swam.  Poor Paige was with us everyday.  Waterloo Pool is indoors and they didn't have the roof open for the first week.  It was about 20 degrees hotter inside, plus muggy and stagnant.  She was so hot each day her face would get bright red. A few times we let her go naked and stick her feet in the pool.  She was a trooper, especially since she was late eating  getting home for nap each day.  

On the last day of each week, they got to do something fun.  The first one, they got to go down the huge waterslide inflatable.  She went down the first time with no problems, but I guess she didn't like it because she would not go again.  It was a crazy slide.  Those little bodies slid down that thing 100 miles an hour and flew off every bump about 3-5 feet in the air.  I wasn't surprised she only went once. 

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