Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Month of May

May has been rough.  With all the storms and weather, we haven't gotten to play outside for most of May.  Harper also went through a weird few weeks where she was waking up or staying up for hours in the middle of the night.  Paige is still waking up twice a night so for a few weeks they were tag teaming me and I wasn't sleeping much.  But we are getting Paige on a little bit of a routine and Harper has been diffusing a sleepy oil at night and it's gotten better.  

Harper and Paige are both doing well otherwise.  Paige is getting big and we are working on sitting up and staying standing.  Harper has gotten to be more of a mom than a big sister lately and tells people what to do when it comes to Paige.  They still play well together and Paige loves to watch Harper do whatever crazy activity she is doing at the moment.  

Cody is in his last month of school and we are so ready for summer.  Cody has really enjoyed his kids this year.  He even had one who made Paige knitted slippers and Harper a knitted backpack.  He is still enjoying the back room at church and he gets a little extra time with Paige.  

Not much else has changed.  Life just keeps going and the girls keep getting bigger.  It's weird to think that we are done with babies so I hesitate when I put Paige down or have to leave.  She's still little but I know she won't be for long.  Plus, she's pretty cute and fun to hang out with.  

Taylor is graduating high school this year so she got the last two weeks of school off.  It was great for her and awesome for us.  She got to come see us for a little while.  Plus, we got to go down and see the family at the beginning of May.  It was our first trip since Paige was born and it turned out pretty good.  We saw the Hunts, Longs, Largents, and Klusmans.  Long day but a good day.  At the end of the day, I got a phone call that I had left Harper's water bottle, so we drove back to get it and Taylor met us outside.  I filmed her running her fastest back to the house and girl got props for being so quick.

Since the prevacid and getting into a routine and just getting bigger, Paige has become this happy little bundle of baby.  She doesn't seem super chubby, but she has rolls on rolls on rolls.  She loves to be talked to and loves attention.  She is either hungry, tired, or super happy.  Girlfriend is just happy most of the time.  

A few May happenings.  We all wanted to do some canning. Stephney started it and canned some jelly and it was so good.  I canned pepper jelly and was being super cautious because I knew it was kind of chaotic to get done correctly.  I messed one small detail up so I stopped to text a friend and at that exact moment, it boiled over and practically exploded.  It got sticky, scalding jelly all over the stove, oven, cabinets, floor, etc.  It was miserable.  

Because of the rain, it's also been an abnormally bad season for ants, flies, mice, and snakes.  We had one 3 foot snake here and Cody's parents found a few at their house.  This one was on their driveway and looked about 4 feet long.  I hear they are good snakes, but I don't really care.  I just don't want them near my house.

We got to see the Gatlin's and meet the boys!  I was so excited when she texted that she was coming to Dallas with Todd for CrossFit.  We met them in Plano at the mall for dinner and play time.  They adopted Michael and Caleb at the end of March and we were dying to meet them.  They are precious boys and so fun to get to watch.  Michael is energetic and fun and Caleb is more shy and an observer. Both of them already love Nikki and Todd and they are so lucky!  It's so good to see how God has planned specific lives to meet, even when we didn't know it.  She also got to meet Paige which is wonderful.  We love Aunt Nikki and have missed her lately!

Taylor and Carleigh went to Prom at the beginning of the month. Aren't they gorgeous?  They had fun and it was supposedly a great prom (it could be that Carleigh planned pretty much every detail of the dance).  

And of course, the new generations passive aggressive way of making a joke out of things that are actually true.  

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