Saturday, June 27, 2015

Weekend at home

Sometimes we have an entire weekend where we don't have anything to do.  It's not all the time, but it's nice.  We don't have to shower or get ready or rush off anywhere.  We just hang out and take our time.  One morning after Taylor had visited, we missed her so we took a family selfie and sent it to her early in the morning.  She was working at the HobLob that day.  I had gone running so I was nasty, but it always helps my day to start better if I can do it early.  Paige was waking up around 5-6 am for a couple of weeks.  She would eat and then go back to sleep until about 8am or so.  I would just stay up and go running when the sun came up and I got way more done in a day.  Harper also had some serious bedhead for awhile.  We weren't turning the A/C on yet because it wasn't super hot, but she would sweat while she slept and her hair would get all crazy.  I think she is going to have wavy hair like me when she grows up.

I'm not even sure what we did this day, but it was nice to just sit and relax.  Harper loves to take pictures on phones and she loves to make Cody take funny pictures with her.  Paige even got in on these this day.  These girls are so blessed and they don't even know how much yet.  We definitely hit the jack pot!

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