Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tay's Graduation Party

Taylor had a graduation party the Saturday after she graduated.  We went down early to put Paige down for her afternoon nap and helped with the food and decorations.  Harper popped the popcorn and loved it.  I got to spend time with my sisters, including Michaela who was in town for a few days.      I helped with the food and decor.  They had balloons around the house with a picture of Taylor taped to the bottom to keep it from floating away.  As soon as Harper saw the balloons she excitedly grabbed all of them to play with and they got tangled up.  It took over 30 minutes to separate them.  Then, Grayson and Reese did the same thing when they got there.  I did not separate them a second time.  But it was funny to watch!  They had a popcorn bar and an italian soda bar as well as tons of food.  Plus they had a lot of Taylor's artwork on display.  That girl is so talented!

When sweet baby got up, she was in a great mood and she was so cute!  The McCool's came and we all just hung out and the kids played.  Taylor's friends came over and they all hung out and just talked.  They played headbandz, including the Friends edition and it was pretty funny to watch.  My dad had bets going on for which horses would win the Belmont Stakes that day.  A horse won the triple crown for the first time in 37 years that afternoon, so it was cool to watch.  I ended up winning (I picked the horses in order, because math is my jam).  Taylor and Carleigh's best friends from Arizona came in town to spend a week with them.  Kristy and Allie Lecompte were here and loved Harper and Paige.  They helped me take care of them all day. 


Happy Graduation Tay Tay!  We love you so much!  You always play so good with us.  You never get tired of reading stories or coloring or letting us play on your phone.  You take funny videos and lots of snapchats.  You always hold us and sing us to sleep and rub our backs.  We think you are the best!  Don't leave and go to Arkansas!  We will miss you so much!
Love, Harper and Paige

Towards the end of the afternoon, the kids headed outside. Grayson was pitching himself baseballs in the garage (that kid, talent I tell ya).  Cody bet me that he couldn't dunk, which he did (I'm guessing the basketball hoop is shorter than normal or something).  Good thing he forgot what he bet since I lost (I don't even remember).  We took family pictures and headed home.  It was a great day to celebrate Tay Tay!

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