Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Grayson is FIVE!

 Grayson turned 5 on the Monday of Memorial Day.  I can't believe this kid is so big!  He is super smart.  He loves to draw and color and he does homework at night (homework!).  He is amazing at sports, especially baseball, and can already hit off coach pitch.  He is an avid sports fan and can name all the Rangers by position.  He can swim by himself and sound out words.  He is such a sweet boy, he is always giving hugs and kisses and even though he's crazy, he's also super quiet and shy sometimes.  He has this awesome sideways smile that he does when he's being shy and he makes me laugh all the time.  I love this crazy boy!  Being his aunt is so much fun!

We all went over to Kristen's for his birthday.  It was still raining so we couldn't swim and had to play inside.  Taylor is always a favorite.  Paige had a bit of a rough night, not sure if she liked being passed around so much.  We all just hung out and the kids ran around having fun. 

After dinner, we had cake and sang Grayson happy birthday.  He "made a wish" and later told Kristen that his wish was that she would play baseball with him every single day.  So cute - but probably won't happen!  He had his plain white cake with white icing and loved it.  His party with his friends was superhero themed, so he had a little of that too.  He doesn't care about cake much, but Reese sat patiently waiting because that girl can put an entire cake down.   

He had so much fun opening his presents.  He opened ours early that evening because I didn't wrap it super well and he knew what it was as soon as he saw the size.  It was the bow and arrow he wanted and he literally was jumping up and down excited.  He also got rangers gear and a lego kit and tickets to go to the Rangers game with the McCools.  He was in heaven. 

We bathed and got pjs on. We attempted a cousins picture which wasn't successful, but was also pretty funny.  On the way out the door, I hugged Grayson and embarrassed him a little, so he tried to ninja chop me.  So it took me awhile to back out the door successfully.  Love that kid.

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