Friday, July 3, 2015

Steph's 26th Birthday!

I met Stephney in the fall at BSF.  We were in the same group and one time she just walked up to me and started talking to me.  We both went to Fusion so we got together that Sunday.  I invited them to our small group, and since then, we have been great friends!  They just moved here for a job with her in-laws and she misses the city and her family like I do.  She is a little crazy like me but she loves Jesus.  It's a perfect combo for me because she keeps me motivated and in line.  She only works part time so we see each other at the gym most days, at BSF, church, small group, and just hanging out.  Plus, she's like me and we text all the time.  About any and everything.  Jokes, working out, bad days, and more.  I'm super thankful for her friendship!

For her birthday, we all went to her house to celebrate!  She's finally 26 (gasp!).  I like it though because it makes me not feel so old.  The Towery's came as well as some friends of theirs from home.  It was our first time out without Paige and it was hard, but so good!  Cody and I hadn't had a night out together in months.  We ate dinner and laughed and drank slashes and it was such a fun night!  I love that she is a kid at heart and makes everything fun.

About 9pm, Stephney called Whitney and Marcus and talked them into coming.  They had been at the Rangers game and were already home and in bed.  But they came anyways and it was fun!  I had a ton of fun, maybe too much, but it was nice to let loose and just be me for awhile.  No kids and no responsibilities.  We left at 11pm because we had told Cody's parents we would be home early.  It was still a fabulous night.

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