Friday, June 26, 2015

4 Months Big!

Paige is 4 months old!  She weighs 13 pounds 13 ounces and is 25 inches long.  That's only 50% for weight but 90% for height.  I just think that's crazy because even though she isn't huge, she has rolls for days.  So I thought her weight would be more.  But is definitely long and looks like she is getting big super fast!  Her eyes are getting to be a lighter blue and look just like Harper's.  Her hair has lightened some and thinned some, but it's still a light brown fuzz.  She has two rolls under her chin, rolls around her wrists and ankles, her toes won't fit in a straight line, and she has about 4 rolls on her upper thighs.  Girl has some solid legs.  But she really isn't fat.  It's weird.   

She is sleeping mostly through the night, or what doctors would call through the night.  She usually goes to bed between 8 and 9 and wakes up between 4 and 5 to eat.  One time isn't too bad!  Sadly, she also seems to wake up at midnight just to cry out but will go back to sleep.  Harper has also been having some bad nights and seems to be up around 2am sometimes.  On really bad nights, I get up at 12 with P, 2 with H, and 4 with P, and 6 with H.  It's not much sleep so I'm hoping it changes soon.  She drinks about 5 ounces in each bottle, about 3 hours apart.  She naps for about 30 minutes in the morning, 3-4 hours in the afternoon, and another 30 minutes in the evening.  It's not bad but I know the small naps aren't really enough for her.  Sadly, it's mostly my fault because I drag her to the gym each morning and she doesn't get as good of sleep as if she was in her own bed.  

Harper and Paige are still obsessed with each other.  Harper is so good with her, helps her with toys, paci, and entertains her.  She still loves to spend time with her, hold her, play with her.  She misses her when she naps all afternoon.  Paige loves to watch her play or talk or dance.  They really are going to be the best of friends!  

She loves to play on her playmat.  She likes to pull on the toys and suck on their feet.  Plus, they are pretty much stationary so she can't lose them like all her other toys.  Her hands are still not fully working, so she grabs at things and drops them almost immediately.  It's funny to watch her try to touch something, it takes her a few tries.  She is a huge hair grabber.  She loves to hold on to your hair, but it gets stuck between her fingers and she ends up pulling it out.  She stills hates tummy time, which is fine because we really don't make her do any.  She is on her tummy for sleeping and she is constantly arching her back and holding her head up when she is in her crib, so that is sufficient.  She can roll from her stomach to her back now, which she does when she doesn't want to sleep and wants to look at her mobile.  Other than that we just kind of hold her a lot.  It's just easier since we move from room to room a lot, plus she likes it and it's easy to hold Paige.  When you think it's your last baby, you don't really care about spoiling them.  

She talks all the time.  She is a big babbler.  Harper sits and talks to her for awhile and she just rambles back.  She is always gnawing on her hand.  She can shove her whole fist into her mouth.  And she drools worse than any baby I've ever met.  All of her clothes are soaked within the hour.  Either she is getting multiple teeth at once (which we sort of suspect) or she has no idea how to swallow.  She spits up, but it's definitely not as much now that she is on the prevacid.  Some days she doesn't swallow all of her medicine though and we have to give her extra.  That stuff is just granules so it gets everywhere.  She just spits everything out, medicine, paci, etc.  She is a little fickle. 

Happy 4 months Paige!  We absolutely adore you!

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