Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rough Riders Game

Kathryn and Mark took us all the the Frisco RoughRiders game the last weekend of May.  We were late because Paige was napping and we weren't really sure how long she would last anyways.  We had the seats in the wheelchair section which was nice because the kids had more room to play and didn't have to sit so still.  But I don't think we really were supposed to be there playing around because the lady who worked there gave us the stink eye every five minutes or so.  We ate hot dogs and the girls ate chips.  Well, the girls ate like 3 bags of chips each and thought it was their birthday or something. The kids had a good time and the adults just were up and down making sure no one got lost or had enough food.  Paige did not like the game.  It was too loud and it was too full of people and the wind was blowing so she pretty much cried the whole time.  It was a quick game and we all headed out.  Grayson ran the bases after with the other kids and loved being on the field. 

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