Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Taylor is a high school graduate

Taylor is done with High school!  Finally!  She was so ready to be done.  She is going to Arkansas with Gentry Sutherland from church.  They are going to have a great time and take good care of each other.  She had a week off of school while others were studying for finals.  Her last week, she had a senior ceremony (pictured below with Clarissa).  Her graduation was on Tuesday, June 2nd at 7pm at UNT.  Kristen and I went and met my parents. Carleigh was there too because she was an usher.  She also cut her hair just a few days before all of this - it's so cute!

When she walked in, Kristen recognized her but I didn't because she had borrowed Carleigh's shoes.  I pretty much know she doesn't wear black heals.  But she looked so pretty and grown up that night.  There were only about 150 graduates for the Argyle HS Class of 2015.  She's in the center of the picture below with blonde hair.  The next picture is Carleigh in the back, being the school rockstar that she is (she is involved in everything).  

When she walked across the stage, we all yelled really loud and she said she heard us.  We are so stinking proud!  I can't believe she is going to college.  She is getting so old, my little sister all grown up.  She has made some amazing friends down here, still has some great friends in Arizona, and I keep promising her that college people are so much better than high school people.  The whole ceremony Kristen and I chatted.  We remembered our high school graduations.  We remembered Dane not going to his.  We remembered the girls with us at ours, so little (Carleigh wasn't born at Krsiten's).  We made fun of the funny things these high school seniors said in their speeches, thinking they were saying important things they knew but knowing they would learn so much more in college.  It was just pretty funny.  

After Taylor walked across the stage, she got to Carleigh in the middle and they hugged real quick.  It was cute.  Not too much emotion for them, but still cute.  Love those two.  I also got to watch Leighton, Kenna, Jessie, Claire (from bible study), Evan, Clarissa, and Sofia (her friends) graduate.  I like that for just a little while I got to know her life there really well.  Plus, afterwards, I saw Karla for the first time in 2 years!

We took pictures afterwards and laughed for like an hour.  She was so happy and proud and relieved that it was all over.  She was beaming!  So proud of her!  Afterwards we had to head home because it was late.  Carleigh had to go study for exams.  And Taylor got to go to Project Graduation.  Such a fun night!

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