Sunday, March 29, 2015

Frozen on Ice

Last summer, Kara decided she wanted to take Harper to see Frozen on Ice.  We were so excited to take Harper, but we didn't even tell her about it until the week before.  When I told her, I showed her the advertisement video and she was so confused.  She had no idea what ice skating was.  So we watched and learned and she got very excited.  

It was our first trip to Dallas since Paige was born.  I wasn't quite sure how it would go.  But I had imagined a little better with Paige.  She doesn't seem to like the car so she literally cried every time we got in the car.  30 minutes to get Kara, 30 min to lunch, 30 minutes to play, and an hour on the way home.  My ears were ringing by the time I got home.  Harper did great in the car.  She helped put Paige's paci back in and sang her songs when she was crying.  

We went to the 10:30am show at American Airlines Center.  She was super shy at first, completely overwhelmed.  She just sat there and watched, in awe of the show.  Disney characters came out first, including all the princesses.  Then, Frozen started, and she seemed to snap out of her bubble.  She would sit, go from my lap to Kara's, stand at the glass wall in front of her.  She was antsy but focused on the show.  Anytime a character was on the ice, she always asked for Elsa.  She loved the show, the songs, the skating.  It was so rewarding to see the joy on her face when the show was over.  

After the show, we met my dad for lunch at Chipotle.  It's been a long time since I've gotten to spend time with just him.  Harper was excited to see him and kept telling him how glad she was that his arm was better.  We had a great lunch and it was nice to just sit and talk.  Afterwards, we met Kara at a restaurant by her house that has a playground attached.  Harper got to play in the sand for an hour and she had a blast.  That girl loves sand as much as I hate it.  We decided to head out late in the afternoon hoping to beat traffic and get home before Paige needed to eat again.  It didn't work, on both accounts, but we got home eventually and relaxed after a long, wonderful day.

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